Dani Jimenez


Same day pups for Humane Society

Working with the Humane Society we developed SameDayPups.com. A fake website designed to intercept people while they search for puppies online. One click on any part of the website and users were immediately exposed to the sad realities of where 99% of puppies bought online come from. Puppy Mills. We created the film below to launch the campaign.


pitch: sk-ii site re-design

I was tasked with the art direction for the site (along with 2 amazing designers) and to create a summary video that celebrates the style we were trying to bring to life. After sitting for many many hours with an editor to create this video, the final product turned out beautiful, delicate, and I am still to this day, very proud of it.


pitch: Diptyque site re-design

From sourcing props and photographing the new site headers to helping design the site, this pitch was all-hands-on-deck project and an amazing learning experience.


Stories can be born form almost anything. Moments of celebration and delight. The sting of a broken promise... or heart. The haunting melody of a song from long ago. They become portals that whisk you away to another place. A place as exotic as the seas of the Mediterranean. As simple as a garden of roses. Or as memorable as a stroll through the city after a rainstorm. A place so real you inhale deeply. Welcome that familiar twinge of nostalgia. And let the fragrance take you away. Bringing you back to where it began. This is the world of diptyque.